Treatments and Prices

The Treatments and Prices (renewed on 26 May 2019)

  • Consultation £25 (Only charged at first visit)
  • Acupuncture £30/30minutes
  • Moxibustion £30/30minutes
  • Hot cupping £30/30minutes
  • Massage £30/30minutes
  • Ear candle treatment is £30/20 minutes, with material included
  • A standard treatment session £50 would normally last 1 hour; the treatment would include: brief consultation(5′), acupuncture(30′), hot cupping (15′)and massage(10′). Other treatment may be included, i.e ear-pressure, guasha, Daoyin exercise training, etc. depending on problems or needs.
  • A standard plus treatment £75 would normally last 1.5 hours; The treatment would include a standard treatment plus moxibustion treatment (20-30′)
  • A relaxation treatment £100-120 would last 2 hours: The treatment would include the above treatments with variable time each.
  • £5 to £10 older customer discount would be available depending on treatment.
  • Home visit is £10 extra within Chichester; Outside Chichester would be negotiable.

Please discuss the charge with the therapist before the treatment or booking.