Rejuvenation Dao Yin Qigong Practised in the Class

Are you suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain? Do you want to get rid of the pains? Do you want to keep your body younger and go back the status when they were young?

If your answers to the above questions are ‘Yes’, then come over and join us at the Health Qigong Class at The Fishbourne Centre on this Thursday (1730-1830).

Ping, the Health Qigong Instructor, will teach you a set of special exercise, which are parts of the Immortal Rejuvenation Dao Yin Qigong that developed by old Chinese Taoism practitioners. You would experience instant effect to your pain.

An afternoon tea held on Thursday 15th Feb (Chinese New Year’s Eve) at Fishbourne Centre

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Afternoon Tea Party 2018

PJ Vital Health and Health Qigong Club will run an afternoon tea on Thursday 15th Feb, Chinese New Year’s Eve, at Fishbourne Centre at 5.30pm to celebrate the New Year and the club has been running almost a year. Everyone is welcome to attend.

During the tea session, you would have a chance to taste traditional Chinese New Year’s food, learn some New Year’s customs of China, and meet and know people who have common interest with you.

You might need contribute some for the cost on your attending (not sure how much it would be, bring £10 with you would possibly be enough).

Please book you seat asap.

To book, please contact 07533119808 or email: