About me

Ping Jiang
MSc, Cred. PGDip, BSc

TCM Herbalist and Acupuncturist;
Chinese Qigong Practitioner and Health Qigong Instructor

Membership of Chinese Medicine Institute & Registrar (CMIR)
Associate Membership of British Acupuncture Federation (BAF)
Membership of Association of Community Interpreters (ACIS)

Bachelor of TCM and Acupuncture Liaoning University of TCM, Shenyang, China
MSc in Neurological Rehabilitation, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford
Cert. of Credits in PGDip Health Through Occupation

12 years experence working as a TCM doctor and acupuristist in a general hospital in China;
14 years experience working as a herbalist and acupuncturist in UK clinics;
20 years experience of practising Qigong;
10 years experience of coaching health Qigong.

Specialised fields: Utilizing Qi-Acupuncture in the treatments of
Neurological rehabilitation, muscular or neurological pain, paralysis, osteo/rhmatoid arthritis, migraine, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, etc.
Wound healing and skin problems, i.e. eczema, cellulitis, psorisis, dermotitis, etc.
Gynecological problems, i.e, menopause, dysmenorrhea and infertility, etc.
Relaxation for stress, anxiety, and health preservation.
Qigong as a means of therapy to promote health.

Aspiration and Motto:
‘Prevention is more important than treatment’
‘Nothing could heal you but your body-self’
‘Acupuncture and Qi-gong could promote your Qi – healing power’

Approaches: Natural
• Acupuncture • Moxibustion • Hot-cupping • Guasha Detofication • Tuina Massage • Health Advice • Qigong Coaching • Specific treatment exercise – Dao-yin exercise